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After last year's tour selling over SIX THOUSAND tickets, One Ummah is proud to present to you…
Mohamed Hoblos
Guest speaker Akhi Ayman
The world-renowned Islamic speaker Mohamed Hoblos is set to return to the UK in January 2024, touring 5 cities with One Ummah for the emaan-boosting ‘Reviving the Ummah’ tour. 

We are also delighted to announce that Mohamed Hoblos will be joined by guest speaker Akhi Ayman (Glasgow, Newcastle & Manchester). 

Experience one of the most passionate, emotional, and impactful speakers LIVE in a city near you. There are limited spaces at all venues. Book now to avoid disappointment.
  • Tuesday 9th January - Glasgow
  • Wednesday 10th January - Newcastle
  • Thursday 11th January - Manchester
  • Friday 12th January - Luton
  • ​​Saturday 13th January - London
  • Back in the UK after only ONE year
  • ​FIVE - city tour
  • ​Emaan-boosting lectures
  • ​​Brothers and sisters welcome*
*Minimum age of attendee is 7
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About Mohamed Hoblos
Mohamed Hoblos, hailing from Sydney, Australia is best known for his ability to deliver passionate talks and short reminders on various topics regarding the Muslim of today. He is a regular on leading social media channels including ‘One Path Network’ and 'Living Muslim' and you may remember him from the ‘Last Chance’ movie, which was the first Islamic short film of its kind that has been shown in cinemas across the world. 

With powerful reminders and a straight up “no-nonsense” approach, his words resonate with much of the Muslim community and in particular, with the youth. By emphasising the importance of putting knowledge into action, his lectures have had a major impact on the hearts of many. 
'Reviving The Ummah' UK Tour
The Reviving the Ummah tour is a series of talks and interactive sessions that seek to inform, educate and inspire Muslims in the UK. The events will be held nationwide, with cities and venues to be confirmed in the upcoming days insha Allah.
When can I buy my tickets? 
Tickets will be available in the coming days. Please check our website periodically for updates on ticket availability and pricing. We look forward to seeing you there.

When will we find out about the venues?
Venues to be confirmed 10 days from event dates with email confirmation going out to all ticket holders.

Will there be food and drink at the events?
Food and snacks can be purchased at some venues. 

Will there be creche facilities provided?
No. The minimum age for attending the events is 7.

What time will the event start and finish? 
Events will start at 6:00pm and finish at 9:00pm
The Reviving The Ummah team are looking for volunteers to help manage the events on the day. Volunteers will be provided with full support and training. 

If you are interested in volunteering at any of the events please complete the Volunteer Form below.

Once we have received your application a member of our team will be in contact with you.
About Ilm Insitute
Ilm Institute is a young and vibrant organisation aiming to revive the islamic spirit and instil islam in the future generations of Muslims through the spread of knowledge.

They're working to empower Muslims so they can realise their true potential and become the best version of themselves, ultimately making a difference and bringing a positive impact in the Muslim Ummah. 

By partnering with charity organisations, Ilm Institute will be able to host life-changing tours nationwide with world-renowned speakers who can share their experiences and Islamic knowledge, bringing benefit to tens of thousands of Muslims. 
About One Ummah Charity
One Ummah Charity is an award-winning, humanitarian and disaster relief aid organisation based in the UK.

We currently provide and facilitate aid across more than 19 calamity-stricken countries worldwide including Syria, Palestine, Yemen and Afghanistan.

We aim to alleviate suffering, and ultimately, save the lives of our brothers and sisters across the world.

Not only do we aim to provide immediate relief to those in need; we also focus on empowerment projects that give beneficiaries the opportunity to transform theirs and their families lives for the better.

With our assistance, beneficiaries are given the skills and tools to craft a better life, away from the misery of poverty.

After more than nine years of life-saving work, we have expanded greatly, with the recruitment of volunteers, employment of staff, and establishing offices across the UK and abroad. 

Without the mercy of Allah first and foremost, and then the generosity of our amazing donors, we would not be in a position where we are able to benefit millions around the world every year.

May Allah reward and accept the deeds of every single person who was a part of our journey and continues to support our work.

We look forward to seeing you all at this tour, insha Allah. 

Keep up the AMAZING support.

Jazakum Allah Khayran. 
Ongoing Sadaqah Fund
One Ummah are working in more than 19 crisis-hit Muslim countries including Syria, Gaza, Pakistan, Somalia and Bangladesh providing Food, Water, Shelter, Healthcare and Lifesaving Aid.

We don’t take a penny from your donation for marketing, rent, wages or administration cost so we rely solely on your support so we can carry out our projects.

For only £5 a month, you can help One Ummah carry out and administer our programmes and thereby save countless lives around the world and in the process earn Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous charity).
We at One Ummah Charity look forward to seeing you all at the tour, insha Allah. 
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